Official note

We need worker’s unity against restructuration of GM in Brazil

Company fires workers in São Caetano, Indaiatuba and São José

Elaborated to be implemented in a global scale, the restructuration plan imposed by General Motors in the Brazilian plants brought a significant reduction of jobs and attacks to the most varied GM workers rights.

On this past week, the Board dismissed 125 people from their plant in São Caetano do Sul and another 60 from the Proving Ground in Indaiatuba – mainly engineers. Also, the São José dos Campos’ complex had 30 workers fired in the last 15 days, mainly retirees.

First of all, it is necessary to reject those dismissals categorically, as they aim to ensure the company’s profits. At the same time, it is urgent to strengthen all Brazilian plants’ workers unity, to stop, together, this unacceptable escalade against metalworkers’ jobs and rights.

During the first semester of this year, the company announced an investment plan of R$ 10 billion (US$ 2,5 billion) from 2020 to 2024, for the launching of new vehicles and the modernization of the plants in São Caetano and São José. Back then, GM guaranteed to keep more than 13,000 jobs (9 thousand in São Caetano and 4,4 in São José), in addition to the opening of over 400 direct jobs and 800 outsourced.

The announcement was made next to the São Paulo Governor, João Dória (PSDB), who benefited the assembler with lower taxes. Through the program IncentivAuto, he gave a 25% reduction of the ICMS (added tax on goods and services) charged for the sale of new vehicles to be produced in the State of São Paulo. As if the profits promised to the company at the expense of the taxpayers were not enough, GM imposed a brutal cut of rights to their workers, arguing that those were “imperative to enable the allocation of resources.”

For all of this, we cannot passively accept the escalade of attacks by General Motors and the deepening of such restructuration plan. Against the massive dismissals and the elimination of historic metalworkers’ achievements, it is time to unite and mobilize.
Stop the cuts! We want job stability for all Brazilian GM workers. Let’s struggle!

Metalworkers’ Union of São José dos Campos and Region (affiliated to the CSP-Conlutas)

Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos de São José dos Campos, Jacareí, Caçapava, Santa Branca e Igaratá
Sede: Rua Coronel Moraes, 143, Jardim Matarazzo, São José dos Campos - SP
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