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global restructuring plans22/01/2019 | 16:19

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Union repudiates GM plans to leave South America

The institution will meet with automaker on Tuesday

The Metalworkers' Union of São José dos Campos and Region, affiliated to the CSP-Conlutas, received with indignation the internal statement released on Friday (18) by the president of General Motors Mercosul, Carlos Zarlenga in all the plants of the automaker in Brazil.

GM establishes a climate of apprehension among the workers, saying that 2018 was a year of losses for plants in South America and that 2019 will be decisive for the future of the factory. The company even mentions the possibility of leaving the region. It should be noted that GM holds 20% of the automaker Brazilian market and is not in financial crisis.

Next Tuesday (January 22), at 11am, GM and the Unions of São José dos Campos and São Caetano will meet to discuss the matter. The meeting will be held in São José dos Campos.

The global restructuring plans of the company are worthy of repudiation of the whole society. In the name of profit, GM plans to lay off thousands of parents in seven plants in the United States, Canada and according to the above-mentioned internal memo, also in South America. If successful, the measure will lead the affected cities to go through inevitable social tragedies.

The Metalworkers' Union of São José dos Campos and CSP-Conlutas call upon all trade unions and workers to mobilize against the closure of factories and in defense of jobs. This task has to be everyone's.


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